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Tree Service

Raindrop Tree Service is a proud member of ISA Texas. This ensures that our customers receive knowledgeable suggestions for any tree concerns/issues/projects. Our arborists have completed many hours of classroom training including years of on the field experience. We know the importance of trimming and maintaining trees, especially during hurricane season here in Texas. Raindrop also offers solutions like vitamins to ensure healthy beautiful trees for everyone to enjoy. We are a company that focuses on maintaining trees and finding solutions to keep them healthy. If a tree is causing a structural damage or a liability for the homeowner we also offer tree removal services, these services include stump removal and patching once removed.


Drainage is a very essential part of the upkeep of owning a home. If not taken care of, it could cause catastrophic problems from flooding to foundation damage. Raindrop has years of experience designing and implementing solutions. We specialize in french drainage, sump pumps, drain cleanouts etc. With over 20 years of experience, we have seen what Texas weather could do to your home if not protected properly. By trusting Raindrop we ensure you that our experience and ability will ensure that your investment is well protected. We work with vendors like NDS to design our drainage solutions for your home, this gives the homeowner the peace of mind that they are protected by an American made product that’s guaranteed for years to come.

Landscape Lighting

Landscaping lighting is an upgrade that can add value to your home. Here at Raindrop we have years of experience designing and installing outdoor lighting. From lighting up a front yard to lighting up your dream patio we have led designers to design outdoor lighting for your home. We work with top vendors (FX, Vista, Kichler, etc.) to ensure not only it will look good, but it’s warrantied for years to come. We are also able to integrate this into your smart home ecosystem, to ensure full accessibility in the palm of your hand.


With over 20 years of experience, Raindrop is leading in providing Irrigation solutions in Texas. We are a licensed company with licensed technicians to ensure our customers are able to trust that Raindrop is a company that offers industry-standard services to our customers. We offer repairs, new install, design, testing (backflow), Winter maintenance/Spring maintenance, and everything in between. Products like Rainbird, Hunter is industry standards that we use on all of our irrigation systems/repairs. This ensures the longvitility through the Texas weather. Raindrop is also setting the industry standard for integrating Irrigation systems into your smart home. This gives the flexibility and efficiency of conserving water while ensuring proper irrigation throughout your home.

Turf Install

From bug control to a dream putt backyard, turf is a solution for customers wanting a low maintenance solution. Turf is definitely an upgrade that a homeowner can do to add value to your home in Texas. From wanting a green space for your pets to have a common area or a space for your kids to be able to enjoy those beautiful evenings tuf can be an excellent choice. We work in correlation with our vendors to ensure we can provide the best in the business while holding its quality for many years. When it comes to the turf if not done currently it can easily turn into a nightmare, here at Raindrop our experience in Irrigation and drainage helps us provide the best possible service for our customers.


Raindrop is a Texas company that provides landscape solutions to anyone from a homeowner wanting to start that big project they’ve been holding off on, to providing maintenance solutions to our commercial/HOA clients. From our landscape architects to our on the field guys, we ensure that our customers’ dreams come to fruition when they trust Raindrop to fulfill these projects into reality. Raindrop is able to provide industry-standard solutions for the included services: Irrigation, drainage, landscape lighting, tree services, and turf installations. With the experience and knowledge of our team, we ensure our customers are satisfied when they choose us to make their landscape projects into reality.

About Us

Raindrop was a company founded 10+ years with mindset and dedication on taking pride in the craftsmanship we offer our customers. We established Raindrop with the end goal of being the best in the Houston area. Realizing the needs of our customers, we strive to be the best in the business, which our customers can vouch for us. Our expertise consists in Landscape (design, commercial, lighting etc.), drainage (french, sump pump etc.), turf install, tree service, hardscape and Irrigation. All of our irrigation technicians are Texas certified, our arborists are ISA certified. This ensures we stay on top of any changes, and are able to keep current with new and efficient ways to provide a better service. With irrigation it’s important to be as efficient, this helps lower our customers’ water bill and avoid wasting water. For our tree services, we ensure our arborists are certified to be able to provide an accurate and professional service. We are able to handle anything from tree removal, to disease treatments, stump removals, tree pruning.

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